EckO Club League

The recent Autumn/Winter series of local events featured an experimental club league.

Points for each event were calculated using a formula involving the runner's time, the average of the first three runners' times, and a "tariff" related to the length and difficulty of the course. The sum of each runner's three best scores decided the final standings. (Organisers and planners were credited with points for their own event.)

Congratulations to our winners:



M/W 14-

M/W 18-

Women 20+

Men 20+





Rona Shearer

Finlay Cottier

Ruari Cottier

Louis MacMillan

Ewan Shearer

Logan Mailer

Carol Burnapp

Leigh Murray

Lucy Shearer

John McLuckie

Andy Dale

Jim Mailer










Downloadable Documents

Final standings

15th Mar 18  by Alan Partridge