If you plan to orienteer regularly you should join Loch Eck Orienteers, the Scottish Orienteering Association and the British Orienteering Federation.  When joining EckO you automatically become a member of both SOA and BOF.  These bodies are responsible for the management and development of the sport and need the financial support of participants. Most funding (government & public) is based on the sports membership numbers and participation; so it's important that you are officially recorded as an orienteer.

Current membership fees are:

Grade BOF SOA EckO Total
Senior £10 £8 NIL £18
Junior £3.30 NIL NIL £3.30

Read more about the benefits of membership on the British Orienteering website.

Join Loch Eck Orienteers (EckO) with this link.

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02nd Dec 13  by Alan Partridge