Dunstaffnage, Oct 21 2018

Date of event: Sun 21st Oct 2018
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Dunbeg


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The second event of the autumn/winter series, including this year's league, an enjoyable trot around the woods and coastal hills of Dunstaffnage.

Report to follow.

Map notes

The map has been extensively updated, mostly to reflect the ever-changing paths, and also to the new ISOM2017 symbols (only noticeable to the true orienteering geek).  There are areas where preparation for new housing has left the ground quite cut up.  Paths have mostly been removed from the map in those areas as they're just not clear.  Contours are your friend!  Bracken is mapped but mostly dying down by now, so you can largely ignore the green hatching on the map.  Some other areas are getting to be quite tough going since grazing stopped a few years back, but the new paths help.

Today's top tip

The spacing of the north lines on an orienteering map is always the same.  With ISOM2017 it's always 300m (this is new - it used to vary with the scale of the map).  So, you can use the north line spacing as a quick rule of thumb to check how far you have to go.

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  • Planner: Andy Dale
  • Organiser: Andy Dale
  • Controller:
  • Contact:

Pre-Event information

Course information

Courses available will be (with provisional lengths):

  • Yellow (beginner = TD2): 2.3 km
  • Orange (intermediate = TD3): 2.5 km
  • Light Green (intermediate-advanced = TD4): 3.2 km
  • Green (advanced = TD5): 4.1 km
  • Blue (advanced = TD5): 5.9 km


Start your course between 11 and 12. Courses close at 2.

Entry Details

We'll guesstimate map numbers but it would help if you email Alan your map order beforehand (see 'Contact' below), and you'll also be sure of getting a map of your chosen course. Fees: Juniors £3, Seniors £5 (members), £6 (non-members).


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Posted by Andy Dale