Dunstaffnage/Dunbeg Urban, Apr 25 2018

Date of event: Wed 25th Apr 2018
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Dunbeg


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The second of this year's mid-week Spring Series was a mixed urban/classic/park event using the Scottish Association for Marine Science campus, Dunstaffnage Castle grounds and residential areas in and around the village of Dunbeg near Oban.

Carol was sole organiser, planner and controller. Thank you, Carol.

The mix of boggy woodland, open moor, and village roads provided some interesting challenges on the longest course, with some route choices dependent on one's choice of footwear. (OK, your scribe wore road shoes - probably a mistake.)

Our benevolent computer fixed a couple of competitor errors. For example, if you visit controls in the wrong order you will be disqualified in bigger events. So, if you find control number 7 before number 6 and then return to find number 6, you must then go back and punch number 7.



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  • Planner: Carol Burnapp
  • Organiser: Carol Burnapp
  • Controller: Carol Burnapp
  • Contact:

Pre-Event information

Course information

Course 1 (M/W 12-) – 2.0 km; 20m climb

Course 2 (M/W16-) – 3.0km, 35m climb

Course 3 (Open) – 4.6km, 100m climb.

Due to restrictions imposed by the BO insurance policy, any junior who has not yet had their 16th birthday is not permitted to take part in urban orienteering where traffic is present unless accompanied by an adult. As a result, unaccompanied juniors may only enter courses 1 and 2 at this event. 

As usual, please email in advance ( to reserve your map(s), stating which course and how many.

Also, please note that if you have competed in three orienteering events and not joined an orienteering club that is a member of British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance.


Registration will be located on the grassy area beside the Ocean Explorer Centre

Start Times : 6.00 pm until 7.00 pm

Courses close 8.00 pm. If you think you will be out for some time please start early. We need enough time at the end of the event to collect the controls in before it gets dark!

Entry Details

Entry fees:
£4 Adults, £2 Juniors for ECKO or other orienteering club members.
£5 Adults, £2 Juniors for non-members.

Info for dog owners

Please keep dogs on a lead and under control in the car park and registration area.


There are no toilets available.

Image of the Dunstaffnage map About the area/map


A great area for short courses, especially around Dunstaffnage Castle, where it is contained by natural boundaries and yet has relatively low visibility in summer. The open moorland gives a good introduction to using contours. The area extends to the south on the Dunollie/Ganavan map and includes Dunbeg village and surrounding housing schemes making for an urban - coastal - parkland combination. Not typical Ecko terrain!

Read more about the Dunstaffnage area and map


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Posted by Alan Partridge