Ganavan, Oct 1 2017

Date of event: Sun 01st Oct 2017
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Oban


Full Results with Splits

This was the first event of Ecko's Autumn/Winter series.

Turnout was superb, given the the horrendous weather forecast (which was spot on). Thank you all for coming; hope to see you all again in three weeks time at Inverawe.

As ever, the computer showed its human side by estimating start times for those on the Yellow course who did not punch the start control (quite a few).

And big thanks to Ross Lilley for planning the courses, setting out all controls and collecting them in after the event. And also for the use of his car to anchor our inadequate gazebo shelter.

Thanks also to everyone who bought soup from Ali's soup van.  Ali is raising funds towards a World Challenge expedition to Croatia next year.  Look out for his van at future events.


Planners Notes;

Yellow - Designed to be achievable by all ages but include some decision points that need an understanding of the map.  Participants should aim to be able to orientate the map, understand most vegetation and line feature symbols and the scale of the map.

Orange - Whilst the navigational challenge was at Orange standard the terrain was quite challenging for orange.  Well done to those who finished the course.  In addition to yellow skills, participants should be able to attack control sites from the line feature, cut corners/cross terrain from one line feature to another catching feature, and judge distances.  

Light Green - As with Orange the terrain was challenging for Light Green also.  The aim was to introduce the reading of contours, use of collecting features, and include longer technical legs that require compass bearings or fine navigation.

Green/Blue - My aim was to get maximum technical challenge and distance without too much wallowing around in waste high bracken, molinia or bog myrtle!  I also tried to take the course to parts of Ganavan we might not have visited often before. 


This year we intend the series to also act as a club league with points awarded for each of the 6 events.  Your highest 4 points will count towards your overall standing in the league.  League winners will be announced after the 6th and final event in the series. 

Event     Location                     Date

1          Ganavan                  Sunday 1st October 2017

2          Inverawe                 Sunday 22nd October 2017

3          Glen Nant                Sunday 19th November 2017

4          Sutherlands Grove    Sunday 17th December 2017

5          Glencruitten Woods   Sunday 28th January 2018  

6          Fearnoch                  Sunday 25th February 2018


There will be additional training and coaching opportunities organised in each of these areas as resources allow.  Look out for further updates on how to participate either on this website or on our facebook page

events location



  • Planner: Ross Lilley
  • Organiser: Ross Lilley
  • Controller:
  • Contact:

Pre-Event information

Course information

5 courses available;

Course         Difficulty              Length (Km)  Description

Yellow          Easy                 1.5 - 2.5        Suitable for novices

Orange        Medium             2.5 - 3.5        Juniors that have mastered Yellow,

                                                               Adult novices

Light Green  More Technical   2.5 - 3.5        For those with some experience

Green          Difficult             3.5 - 5.0        For experienced orienteers

Blue            Difficult             5.0 - 7.5        For experienced orienteers


Course lengths will be updated soon.



Starts between 1100hrs and 12 Noon. Courses close 1400hrs

Entry Details

Enter on the day


Juniors - £2
Adults (Non-members) - £5 (please note, if you have entered 3 previous orienteering events you are advised to join British Orienteering and/or Scottish Orienteering
Adults (Members) - £4

If in doubt, ask at registration on the day

Info for dog owners

Dogs are allowed in the carpark.  We recommend dogs are kept on a lead outwith the carpark area.


There are public toilets at Ganavan carpark

Ali’s soup van will be at the event.  He’s raising funds for an expedition to Croatia next year

Image of the Ganavan map About the area/map


Ganavan is in the middle of a larger mapped area comprising a series of hills running along the coast north of Oban. Ganavan comprises rough open heather/grassy moorland rising behind Ganavan beach and north towards Dunstaffnage and Dunbeg.  A line of high crags separate the moorland from a faster grassy and rocky coast. A sparse path network, some fencing and old earth dykes provide line features.  The area is interspersed with patches of regenerating native woodland.  Large areas of bracken and gorse are expanding following removal of livestock grazing in recent years  

Read more about the Ganavan area and map


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Posted by Andy Dale