Inverawe, Oct 22 2017

Gill and Alan checking control units after a successful day., Ross Lilley

Date of event: Sun 22nd Oct 2017
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Taynuilt


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A great turn out for Event 2 of the autumn/winter series, including the new club league, at Inverawe today (Sunday 22 October 2017).

Meantime, many thanks to Jan Kersel and Alan Partridge for jointly organising and planning the event.  Also thanks to Robert and Rosie Campbell-Preston for allowing us access to Inverawe and to the fisherman's bothy (to keep our laptop and printer dry). 

It had been raining fairly hard the night before so all the ditches and burns were in spate and marshes and bogs were full to the brim too.  So well done to everyone for wading your way through these, particularly the younger ones who seemed to relish the extra challenge!

Several folk asked where they could find out more about the map and control symbols.  Click on the following links to find out more;

Once you've had a go at learning these then you might like to try these online quizzes


As pointed out by Ross, the marshes and streams presented quite a challenge. (Although for me the first gate on Yellow and Orange, with its deep mixture of mud and "other material" was worse. At least you were able to rinse your footwear in the stream before the next gate.)

As usual the computer was in a benign mood and did not disqualify those who missed controls on Yellow and Orange; instead a time penalty of five minutes was applied for each missing control. No such benevolence was evident towards experienced orienteers of course.

My thanks to Jan and Gill for help in putting out controls; to Lucy and Rona for coping with the high number of entries on the day; to Ross for erecting banners and signs (and planning the longer courses); and to the band of control collectors after the event.









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  • Planner: Jan Kersel, Ross Lilley
  • Organiser: Jan Kersel, Alan Partridge
  • Controller:
  • Contact:

Pre-Event information

Course information

5 courses available:

Course         Difficulty         Length (km)    Description

Yellow          Easy                   1.7                 Suitable for novices

Orange        Medium               2.3                 Juniors that have mastered

                                                                   Yellow; Adult novices

Light Green  More Technical     3.1                 For those with some experience

Green          Difficult               4.5                 For experienced orienteers

Blue            Difficult                6.7                For experienced orienteers


Starts between 1100hrs and 12 Noon. Courses close 1400hrs

Entry Details

Enter on the day. Entry fees:

Juniors - £2
Adults (Members) - £4
Adults (Non-members) - £5 (please note, if you have entered 3 previous orienteering events you are advised to join British Orienteering and/or Scottish Orienteering)

If in doubt, ask at registration on the day.

Info for dog owners

Dogs are welcome but must be kept under control.


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Gill and Alan checking control units after a successful day., Ross Lilley

Gill and Alan checking control units after a successful day.

Inverawe, Ross Lilley


Image of the Inverawe map About the area/map


An area of many terrain types which is bordered by plantation forestry to the east. An intricate path network in the south around the ponds and through the surrounding broadleaved woodland. To the north the land rises steeply over a broadleaved-covered hillside which opens onto contoured, tussocky moorland where it is easy to make parallel mistakes. Clumps of gorse bushes reduce visibility at times.

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Posted by Andy Dale