Scottish Orienteering League (SOL4), Glen Nant, May 14 2017


Date of event: Sun 14th May 2017
Type of event: Region (B)
Nearest town: Taynuilt


Results and splits

Planner's comments (Andy Dale)

It was good to hear that many of you enjoyed Glen Nant as much as I did planning the courses.  The area we used for SOL4 is around a third of the new map, which extends up over the summit of Cruach Airdeny and over to the Glen Lonan road to the west.  The initial idea was for the longer courses to use the higher hill, a large expanse of fenceless, complex and runnable terrain.  It’s wonderfully fun orienteering up there but will have to wait for another time.  Lambing constraints meant that we were limited to the area we used, which meant a more twisty-turny course style.  Being squeezed into that part of the map was perhaps a blessing in disguise as it is absolutely beautiful at this time of year, with flowers carpeting the birch woods and cuckoos calling.  It’s not super-technical, but pleasantly so and you have to keep map contact.  Apologies to those who had a bit of a slog up to the top corner of the southern block.  That area was needed for distance, but did provide a change of style - and hopefully you saw the view of Cruachan when you turned around and headed downslope!

Many thanks to Terry for taking on the controlling when we were desperate.  To Martin Charlton, who farms the area above the deer fence, for being so accommodating and supportive.  To Forestry Commission Scotland for the lower woods and parking track.  And of course to Lucy and all the EckOs who rallied around.

Controller's comments (Terry O'Brien, STAG)

Having controlled several ECKO SOLs in the past (first one in 1988 @ Strathlachlan) it is always a pleasure to work with my friends from ECKO.

Andy Dale is well experienced in planning & he had everything taped & I had checked all the sites before Easter Sunday. All we needed now was for Stirling Surveys to finish the map in time for our event which they did.

Our only concern was the very limited path network for White & Yellow Courses which on the day as we knew would prove to be too short in distance/time for the Juniors but there were no other options available.

When it came to course lengths we studied the past results from Creag Mhic & Ardnaskie. We guestimated that Glen Nant would fall somewhere between the two, slightly quicker per k than Ardnaskie & a tad slower than Creag Mhic.

Thankfully our early efficiency was to pay off as I have just endured 15 days without an Internet connection & viewing files on my phone isn't ideal.

Thanks to Andy & Ross for bringing this incredible area into the world of Orienteering.

Thanks to the Scottish 6 Day Mapping Fund for supporting this project.

Thanks to Lucy for her efficient management of ECKO's members covering all the necessary jobs on the day.

Pat & Steve aka Stirling Surveys for once again delivering an amazing orienteering map.

Thanks to Nathan Roberts @ Stirling Surveys - please let us know if there are any printing issues from to-day.

Thanks to the weather for being so brilliant & breezy.

Last but not least to the 230+ orienteers who enjoyed an incredible day, in an incredible area enjoying our incredible sport - thank-you for your support & many positive comments about Andy's courses & the area in general.




Final details here.

And start times are here

EckO invite you to SOL4, the fourth event in the Compass Point Scottish Orienteering League 2017, using a new Stirling Surveys map of the Glen Nant oakwoods and adjoining slopes of Cruach Airdeny.  This area is completely new to orienteering and one not to miss.


Most courses will entirely use the lightly wooded and open slopes of Cruach Airdeny.  This grazed land is mostly very runnable with spectacular views to Ben Cruachan.  Line features are few and there is good rock and contour detail (map sample below).  Black and Brown will start in the steep and complex Glen Nant oakwoods before crossing to the grazed land via a run-through of the assembly area.  White and Yellow will be entirely within the oakwoods.

events location



  • Planner: Andy Dale
  • Organiser: Lucy Shearer
  • Controller: Terry O'Brien (STAG)

Pre-Event information

Course information

Usual SOL courses.

Black 9.6 km 585 m
Brown 8.0 km 500 m
Short Brown 7.0 km 405 m
Blue 5.7 km 345 m
Short Blue 4.7 km 250 m
Green 4.1 km 225 m
Short Green 3.4 km 190 m
Light Green 3.1 km 165 m
Orange 2.3 km 125 m
Yellow 1.9 km 110 m
White 1.1 km

50 m

Class/course combinations for SOL competition are detailed here (but you can run any course you wish).


Start times 11:00-13:00.

Entry Details

Online entries have closed, but entry on the day is available at the following rates:

Senior British Orienteering member £14 (non-BO £16).
Senior on White, Yellow, Orange, Lt Green £10.
Junior or full-time student £7.

Info for dog owners

Dogs are allowed in the parking or assembly areas but not in competition



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Posted by Andy Dale