Sutherland’s Grove and Christmas get-together, Dec 17 2017

Date of event: Sun 17th Dec 2017
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Barcaldine


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After a wintery week there were thick sheets of ice on the tracks as I placed the blue controls late on Saturday night.  I wondered if we'd have to cancel.  A rainy night took care of the ice but the burns were raging.  Sorry to the blue runners for chopping out part of your course, but you would not have enjoyed crossing the stepping stones to Achinreir.  I've rarely seen the burn as full as it was. 

The Sutherland's Grove map always means some track running, but hopefully you all enjoyed excursions into pleasant woods.  Thanks to everyone who helped out, especially Alan for map printing and results, Andrea and Carol for registration, Ross and Leigh for control collection, and to all those who contributed food for the after-party.  See you all in the new year.


Many thanks, Andy. Yes, we were disappointed that we had to remove three controls from the Blue course, but it was the correct decision. Since we are on a drive to increase EckO membership (hint, hint), we did not wish to undo our efforts by washing club members into Loch Creran.

One young competitor had a dibber mishap (it broke in two), but the computer was able to make educated guesses about when he visited controls and he appears in the results.

Finally, our thanks to Andy, Marieke and Elliot for their welcoming hospitality.



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  • Planner: Andy Dale
  • Organiser: Andy Dale
  • Controller: Alan Partridge
  • Contact:

Pre-Event information

Course information

  • Blue - Advanced, 6.5 km
  • Green - Advanced, 3.7 km
  • Orange - Intermediate, 2.5 km
  • Yellow - Beginner, 1.7 km


Registration from 10:30. Starts 11-12. Courses close at 2.

Entry Details

If you're coming, please e-mail to pre-order a map.
Seniors £5 (members £4), Juniors £2.

Info for dog owners

Dogs allowed.


Nothing much at the forest, but fire, refreshments and showers available afterwards.

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Sutherland’s Grove

Path and 'off-path' map. Mainly plantation forest of varying age. Area is most suitable for up to TD3 courses (including Red) and bike-O.

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Posted by Andy Dale