October eventGanavanSun 25 October, 2020

Local level event

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Congratulations to all the volunteers and competitors who turned up yesterday to participate with huge enthusiasm (despite the weather) in our first local event since February. After a month of ROMP's and MapRuns, the October Extravaganza was brought to a close with a 5 course event at Ganavan with the start modelling regional and national orienteering competitions.

In order to be COVID compliant and safe for everybody, a lot of details had to be taken into consideration prior to the event, which led to the event being for EckO members with pre-entry only. The maps, dibbers and start times were all allocated in advance ( A huge thank you to Alan for putting in a big effort to ensure that this all ran smoothly). This will now be the norm for any forthcoming events.

The terrain was very tough underfoot consisting of mud, water, slippery rocks and on the longer courses, huge tussocks similar to moguls on a ski slope and dying bracken. This made route choice very important. Going round the long way following a track was very often quicker unless you were a gazelle able to leap from tussock to tussock.

In order to improve your orienteering, after your run, it's a good idea to mark the route you took on your map (if you can remember). We now have the results, winsplits and routegadget up. I hope you are all studying the results avidly. Winsplits allows you to compare your times in between each control with others on the same course and the highlighted pink signifies significant time loss compared to your other splits. Routegadget is excellent. Upload your GPS to routegadget or draw the route you took and then you can compare your route to others. If you went for a wander or got totally lost routegadget will show you your track. Andy has already uploaded his run - check it out, it's pretty good:)

Were you where you thought you were? When did the mistake occur? What caused the mistake - a lapse in concentration, did you lose contact with the map, tiredness, glasses steamed up, a face plant in the mud?

Uploading routes to routegadget is also useful to the planner allowing them to see if the competitors took the expected route or something entirely different.

Thank you to Bill for doing an excellent job manning the starts and the very professional use of the start clock; to Alan for manning the download, dibber distribution and money collection (just a wee reminder for those of you who are paying by BACS - if you haven't already done so, please can you complete the process); to Dave, Leigh, Max, Andrea and Stacey for control collection. I was very glad not to have to go out and collect all those controls in, Ross for photography and facebook link and finally to Andy for uploading the results and looking after the SI equipment.

Our October orienteering extravaganza has now come to a close and on reflection I hope you will agree with me that it has been a very successful month of orienteering opportunities and hopefully we will build on this and there will be many more for us all to enjoy.

Onto November, where will have another month of amazing orienteering but this time at Sutherland's Grove. Information will be on the website shortly.

Last updated: Sat 08 January, 2022

Pre Event Info

Entries are CLOSED

Final details here

Start Times here

Remember that the clocks go back this weekend!

NOTE - This event is ONLY for ECKO members who have pre-entered.

There will be NO entry on the day. (see below for entry details)

Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Remember that we must operate under the SOA and Government guidelines in terms of Coronavirus (COVID 19) so please consider the following before entering and note that it is important that everyone observes the restrictions. All attending the event should read the BOF code of conduct

Fitness to Attend

Competitors must not attend the event if any of the following apply:

Social Distancing

We will be following SOA’s Covid guidelines but trust everyone will be using their common sense to ensure that all competitors are as safe as possible.

Location Info

Near: Oban
Lat,Lng: 56.43773,-5.46446
OS Grid Ref: NM862326
Postcode: PA34 5TB

Open an interactive map in:
GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Directions / Parking

Follow signpost from A85/ A815 roundabout at N end of Oban. Follow the coastal road to Ganavan Sands. There is a large car park and the event will be run from the North end of the car park.

What3Words: list.twins.gong

Map / Terrain

Registration and Start times

The Starts will run from 11:00am to 12:00 midday and courses will close at 1:30 pm. You will be given your map and dibber (if you have arranged to borrow one) close to the Start which will be at the north end of Ganavan car park. Start times will be available from Thursday 22nd October, 2020. Please do not arrive at for the event more than 30 minutes before your designated start time and do not turn up at the start more than 10 minutes before your start time. Remember to download when you have completed your run but please don't linger around download.

Course Information

There will be 5 courses

(TD = Technical Difficulty)

Yellow (TD 2) 2km

Long Orange (TD 3) 3km

Light Green (TD 4) 3.5km 120m climb

Green (TD 5) Approx. 4.3km 160m climb

Blue (TD 5) Approx. 5.3km 180m climb

Entry Details

NOTE - This event is ONLY for ECKO members who have pre-entered.

There will be NO entry on the day.

HOW TO ENTER: Complete the attached form with the following information and return it to EckO info@ecko.org.uk

  1. Names of people entering
  2. Which course each person is entering
  3. Include your dibber/ SI number or whether you would like to borrow a dibber. Why not think of buying your own one or they make a great Christmas present from SportIdent.
  4. BACS transfer - this is ECKO’s preferred method of payment (if you wish to use this method, EckO will send you out an email with bank details)
  5. Cash - we will ONLY accept cash if the correct amount is placed in a bag with your name and amount written on the bag and then the bag is placed in a bucket at the event car/tent. This allows us to quarantine the cash for the required length of time
  6. Cost - Adult member - £5.00, Junior member (up to 21) - £3.00
  7. Entries close at midnight on Sunday 18th October 2020
  8. Start times will be published Thursday, 22nd October 2020

Dog restrictions

Well-behaved dogs on a lead.


Toilets are currently open

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Jan kersel (jan.kersel@ecko.org.uk)