Spring SeriesGlencruitten WoodsSun 25 April, 2021

Local level event

Explanation of Event levels

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Activities are non competitive events used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.



What a fantastic day! Great weather, great courses, happy people and a return to events. Finlo did a great job planning interesting courses making best use of a plantation forest. Many thanks to Andy Dale for controlling the event and helping Finlo to put out the controls, to Bill Kersel managing the starts with his usual finesse, Alan Partridge for fielding the entries, preparing the start list, printing the maps, allocating the dibbers and managing download and the results which were up on the website impressively quickly. His support for EckO was recognised by the SOA this week - much to his surprise he received an amazing SOA buff in the post which he will be sporting at the next event. Thanks also to our control collectors - Max Holloway and John McLuckie who were so quick gathering in the controls.

We look forward to seeing everybody at our next event in Glen Nant (Sunday, 23rd May 2021). A ROMP (changing shortly to TOC - Temporary Orienteering Course) will be available from Saturday, 1st May 2021). More details will be posted shortly

Planners comments - Finlo Cottier

Whilst I've spent many hours in Glencruitten, this was my first full planning for an event. The main thing that struck me when planning this was how much of the area of Glencruitten is un-runable because of the tree felling. There are also a lot of new mountain biking tracks that could be used to move across this difficult ground but it wasn't easy to find technical contour features off the main paths so many of the controls had to be fairly close to paths. The exception was the moorland area above the housing estate which was used for Orange, Light Green and Green. Even though the going was quite hard in places it provided something other than forestry track to navigate across. We managed to find a number of new features and update the map which hopefully provided some variety for all the courses and I tried to build into most courses a few route options that might bring time/distance advantages. It was really important to have someone checking my courses and Andy Dale did a great job as my Controller. He picked up a number of things that would help make the courses manageable and the control descriptions accurate.

Last updated: Sat 08 January, 2022

Pre Event Info

Entries are now closed.

Welcome to our first event since Tralee in December. The event will be held in Glencruitten Woods near Oban and is scheduled for Sunday, 25th April.

Why not try the ROMP in Glencruitten Woods to refresh your orienteering skills. If you are fairly new to orienteering there is a help sheet to assist you round the short course.


Please read this information carefully:

Location Info

Near: Oban
Lat,Lng: 56.40940,-5.45993

Open an interactive map in:
GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Directions / Parking

NB: Parking is by the Rugby Club near Mossfield, Oban.

From the centre of Oban travel 400m SE on the A816; take a left at the church into Glencruitten Road; take the second right turn into Mossfield Avenue; parking will be signposted from the SE end of Mossfield Avenue

Map / Terrain

Glencruitten is a spruce plantation with network of paths and tracks on edge of Oban.

Registration and Start times

There is a 700m walk to the start from the car park so please take this into account when you receive your start time.

Starts will be from 11.00 - 12.00 with the courses closing at 1.30pm.

Start Times are here

You will be given your map and dibber (if you have arranged to borrow one) at download .

Please do not arrive at the event more than 30 minutes before your designated start time and do not turn up at the start more than 10 minutes before your start time.

Remember to download when you have completed your run.

Apologies for all these requests but we are trying to keep our volunteers and competitors as safe as possible by avoiding crowds congregating.

Course Information

Yellow 2.0km

Orange 2.7km

Light Green 3.3km

Green 4.1km

Entry Details

NOTE - This event is ONLY for ECKO members who have pre-entered.

There will be NO entry on the day.

HOW TO ENTER: Complete the attached form with the following information and return it to EckO info@ecko.org.uk

  1. Names of people entering
  2. Which course each person is entering
  3. Include your dibber/ SI number or whether you would like to borrow a dibber.
  4. BACS transfer - this is ECKO’s much preferred method of payment (if you choose to use this method, EckO will send you out an email with bank details - please pay before the event.)
  5. Cash - we will ONLY accept cash if the correct amount is placed in a bag with your name and amount written on the bag and then the bag is placed in a bucket at download. This allows us to quarantine the cash for the required length of time
  6. Cost - Adult member - £5.00, Junior member (up to 21) - £3.00
  7. Entries close at midnight on Sunday 18th April, 2021
  8. Start times will be published Thursday 22nd April, 2021
  9. Each event takes a lot of organisation so help would be very much appreciated. The registration form now has a list of some of the essential jobs. If everybody does a little then nobody has to do a lot. Please tick the appropriate box(es) if you are willing to help/ assist in our future events and you will be rostered in. Many thanks!

Differences to ‘normal’ due to Covid-19:

Safety Information

Dog restrictions

Well-behaved dogs on a lead please.



Contacts / Officials

Organiser - Jan Kersel

Planner - Finlo Cottier

Controller - Andy Dale