Temporary Orienteering Courses

TOC Small kite

TOC Small kite

Last Updated: Fri 14 May 2021

As part of our ‘Go Orienteering’ Programme, EckO offer a Temporary Orienteering Course that is available for anyone to use.
The TOC will be in the area that EckO are using for training/coaching and an event for that particular month. The courses (usually 2) will be available for the whole month.

A PDF map for each course can be downloaded from the website and is also available from Outside Edge, Oban (cost £2.00)
Small laminated control kites will mark the Start and Finish and the controls as seen below:-

A TOC is a really enjoyable way to orienteer and can be done at any time independently or as a family unit (Please be guided by current COVID regulations).

Choose a course suitable to your level of fitness and your orienteering ability. The courses are usually described as short or long or orange and green. If you are fairly new to orienteering or have young children then choose a short course or an orange course. This course now comes with a ‘PDF help sheet’ and some coaching advice.

A TOC can be used as a fun walk/outing for the whole family or individual or for training purposes to practice for the forthcoming event.

TOC's used to be referred to as ROMP's (Regular Orienteering Map Programme), but it was felt that this wasn't very descriptive.

When you have completed a TOC please log it here

If you are fairly new to orienteering or would like to know more about the map and control descriptions, download a pdf here and here

Temporary Course Locations

TOC control number

TOC control number

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