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Mapping excursion to Ardkinglas Woodland Garde

John and Suse avidly looking at the map

A little while ago, we received a request from Ardkinglas Estate to see if mapping their woodland garden might be a possibility. John and Suse Coon very kindly volunteered to facilitate this so an enjoyable morning was spent guddling around the gardens pondering various aspects of mapping this little area and discovering little gems like the Gruffalo Trail and marvelled at the 'Mightiest Conifer in Europe' in the process. Could this lead to an EckO event here in the future?

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Scottish Junior Cup

Liz happy to finish

Well done to all the EckO Juniors who competed at Auchingarrich on Sunday. Auchingarrich is noted for its navigational difficulty and if map contact is lost, it is very difficult to relocate in places. Everybody including the EckO adults managed to complete their courses and survive! Our best position was Finlay who was 2nd M12 on the Orange Course. He felt that the SWAT training which was at Light Green standard really helped him to feel confident about his navigation round the Orange course.

The next SWAT training session will at Craig Mhic Chailein. Training in the morning and competing in the afternoon.

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Mapping practical session

Andy explaining what to map

Six members from EckO enjoyed a very informative mapping session late last month. Did you know that not every feature is marked on an orienteering map? An orienteering map is very much the mappers interpretation of what is seen and one mapper's map could be very different to another mapper's map! Ahhh...that could explain a lot of my orienteering difficulties - it has to the mapper's fault.

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May News Letter

Connel Hills Base Map

Catch up on all the latest news from EckO here

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