Ecko success in the alternative Jamie Stevenson Competition

Finlay (M/W10) and Ruari (M/W12)

Finlay (M/W10) and Ruari (M/W12)
Credit: FC

Posted: Thu 18 Jun 2020

Congratulations to Ruari (M/W 12) and Finlay (M/W 10) who won their age classes in the Alternative Jamie Stevenson Trophy. Results on SOA website.

The juniors were set a series of challenges over the last week culminating in them planning, designing and running their own course in their local area. The course had to take in as many features as possible from a suggested 'bingo card' listing 9 features (eg water feature, wall, distinctive tree, manmade object) and if possible be in the shape of the Jamie Stevenson Trophy which is a horse! As you can see from the pictures below the boys were very successful. The boys had a very exciting evening at the virtual prize-giving via Zoom on Sunday evening. EckO has some future planners in the making! Many thanks to Roger, Fran and all the other adults involved for coordinating this amazing competition.