Ruari and Finlay go to Teviothead

Ruari and Finlay moving through the starts

Ruari and Finlay moving through the starts

Posted: Mon 21 Oct 2019

The final SOL (Scottish Orienteering League) was held recently at Teviothead in the Borders. It's a beautiful part of the world but unfortunately the mist was down so it was difficult to appreciate the spectacular scenery.

A small contingent of EckO members ventured to Teviothead and for Ruairi and Finlay this was their first ever SOL. It is a big step moving from local events to larger events further afield where the terrain is unfamiliar, there are lot more people out on a lot more courses and there are a lot more distractions to deal with. Moving through the boxes at the starts was a totally new experience for Ruari and Finlay. Both boys put in a fantastic effort and successfully completed their courses with several firsts in their split times. If you want to find out the more about the mystery of moving through the starts ask Ruari and Finlay at the next amazing EckO event on Kerrera!

Many thanks to Roxburgh Reivers for planning and organising a fabulous event which was well worth making the long journey out of EckOland.