Second Round of the Scottish Junior CupTentsmuir North

Ready and raring to go

Ready and raring to go
Credit: BK

Posted: Mon 30 Aug 2021

Six EckOteers, accompanied by various family members, meandered across to Tayport, northwest of St Andrew's via Dundee (for a cultural experience or a bit of retail therapy) to take part in the second round of the Scottish Junior Cup at Tentsmuir North.

Congratulations to all who took part - Owen M12, Finlay M12, Ruari M14, Finlo Adult Medium, Liz Adult Short and Jan Adult Short.

We all enjoyed a zoom session during the previous week, looking at an old map on Routegadget so that we would have a rough idea of what to expect. We particularly concentrated on having a plan and setting the map before we left a control.

The terrain ranged from wonderful forest and sand dune running to bracken and brambles making for difficult access. Route planning became very important - take the path or fight through the bracken. We all realised that using the path/forest track network was much easier, providing that we had set the map and got the direction right first:)