SWAT at Duncraggan

Tactics for the team score event

Tactics for the team score event

Posted: Sun 23 May 2021

SWAT had another excellent training session at Duncraggan near Brig O' Turk. Today the juniors were interpreting contours with the first challenge being to find and follow a path which was not marked on the map to the session gathering area.

The juniors were using maps which were contours only but included essential safety features. This meant that setting the map and using compass bearings became really important. The Juniors mainly worked in pairs which was a great confidence builder and encouraged new friendships.

Roger also talked the juniors through various strategies at the start of a competition and what they should be thinking of from the start to the first control.

The final exercise was a team score event. Pre-chosen teams of three were given 5 minutes to look at a map with a number of controls where each team decided who would visit which control. All the controls had to be visited and the winners were decided when a complete team crossed the finishing line.

All these skills will be very useful next weekend at Auchingarrich for the first round of the Scottish Junior Cup.

A huge thanks from Ecko to Nichola Melville, Roger Goddard (the organisers and planners) and all the coaches for facilitating a very worthwhile day.