Compass Sport Cup and Trophy



Posted: Mon 18 Mar 2019

The Scottish heat of this event took place on Sunday, 17th March at Dunrod Hill, near Greenock. Larger clubs compete for the Cup and smaller clubs like EckO compete for the Trophy. Club members of any standard could represent EckO and score points based on their finishing position.

12 members participated, one short of the 13 members we needed to have a full team running as many different courses as possible.

The day started out well, if not a bit chilly underfoot. Recent snow was still lying on a waterlogged boggy, grassy and heathery Dunrod hill. The planner said the area was quite open and runnable. Open it was, making navigation reasonably easy for this type of event. Runnable it was not, unless one picked out the longer path routes between controls.

We had good representation at the more senior end of the course range. Less so at the junior end although we were privileged to have former Ecko juniors Tom and Roanne forgo their EUOC tops for Ecko tops on this occasion. Tom continuing his on form streak by coming in 2nd on Mens Brown Trophy course with Louis in 4th on the same course. Roanne did not finish; she was a bit tired. Iris put in a good show although her course didn't count towards the Trophy....

At the more senior end Jan, Alan, Diane, Carol, Susannah and Leigh kept up our side by finishing their courses with respectable places, particularly Susannah's 5th place on the Womens Blue Trophy course.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, Ross, Dave and Andrea did not finish their courses. In Ross' case, his wooden compass worthy excuse was completely forgetting to visit his control No.10. But he ran a blinder of a long leg route between Nos 9 and 11. He followed the contour perfectly and got the GPS track to prove it too. A shame that doesn't qualify for Compassport cup points :-(

So we didn't win the Compass Sport Trophy Scottish Heat and, sadly, won't be heading to Crowburgh for the final. Where's that? I hear you ask. It's south of Tunbridge Wells in Kent! Perhaps a blessing in disguise.


Full results are on the Clyde Website.

Thanks to Carol for organising us all and to the Clydeside Orienteering Club team for putting on a good event.