April ROMP at Glencruitten

Posted: Fri 2 Apr 2021

This months ROMP is at Glencruitten, east of Oban on the back road from Oban to Connel (just past Luachrach Loch).

Many thanks to Finlo Cottier for planning a short and a long course and also for putting out the controls. Parking is in a small area by Glencruitten House. Parking is limited so please park responsibly.

Glencruitten is a plantation forest with areas of recent felling, brashings and windblow. There is an extensive path network with several unmapped paths made by mountain bikes.

As always it is really useful to have an idea about how many people are participating in the EckO monthly ROMP. In order to help us, please log your ROMP's here when you have completed one.

If you plan to do a ROMP please ensure you follow the current Government Guidelines.

Choose a course within your own fitness and orienteering ability. Please remember that these courses are not official orienteering registered events or activities so participants take part at their own risk.

Pdf - Glencruitten Short 2.9 km (help sheet here)

Pdf - Glencruitten Long 4.0 km

For a better understanding of an orienteering map download the following information:-

Map/Control descriptions here

More detailed control/map descriptions here