World Schools

Posted: Mon 13 May 2019

Iris Macmillan at the World Schools Orienteering Championships

Some of you may have noticed the absence of Iris MacMillan from the catalogue of successes of her siblings Jura and Louis, and her mum Susannah at the recent British Orienteering Championships. She had good reason to miss the "Brits" as she was in Estonia representing Scotland in the World Schools Orienteering Championships.

In the Long distance race Iris was 20th from 70 competitors (first Scot, second Brit) leading her team to tenth place; in the Middle distance race she was 12th from 72 (first Scot, second Brit (by one second!), leading the Scottish team to seventh. In the Friendship event Iris linked up with Saulite Matiss from Latvia and Martinez Marta from Spain to finish 11th from more than 160 teams.

We look forward to Iris's report.