EckO Junior/Adult Beginner Training

Posted: Wed 22 Aug 2018

EckO are offering 2 training sessions for Juniors and Adult Beginners in September

Orienteering courses range from fairly simple to technically and physically challenging. They range from a white course with a technical difficulty of 1 for all beginners (TD1) right up to a black course with a technical difficulty of 5+ for M21 (TD5) with several courses in between.

EckO usually offer a yellow (TD2), an orange (TD3) and a green (TD 5)

In our two training sessions we will aim to introduce the basics e.g. looking at map symbols and map colours, line features, how to use a compass, distance judgement and route choices. You will learn terms like "setting the map", attack points, control sites, decision points and catching features.

The training will be suitable for any junior or any adult beginner who would like to learn the basics (TD1) - always a good place to start! or develop and improve their orienteering skills (TD2 and TD3)

Hopefully, you will learn loads, have a great run around - optional for adults :) and have lots of fun - compulsory:)

Ross is very kindly planning lots of different activities and exercises for each session.

Session 1

Venue: Ganavan

Date: Sunday, 9th September 2018

Time: 11-12am

Cost: £2.00

Session 2

Venue: Tralee, Benderloch

Date: Sunday, 16th September 2018

Time: 1-2pm

Cost: £2.00

Please note that the second session will be followed by our first autumn/winter event followed by our club social and BBQ

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

We will need to know the intended number of participants so if you are interested or have any queries, please email myself (Jan Kersel as soon as possible.

We will also require helpers on the day - please email me if you are free and would like to help. Adults accompanying children will find this a great opportunity to assist their children and improve their own orienteering skills.