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Visiting A Control Marker

Visiting A Control Marker

Posted: Fri 18 Jun 2021

We have had an amazingly successful year attracting new membership having almost reached 100 members, with at least 30 juniors. What we really need to think of now is providing fun and social orienteering learning and development opportunities/ sessions for all our members. Speaking from experience coming to orienteering as an older adult is hard and just entering events only is fun but can also be hugely frustrating and demoralising. Learning the basic skills at an early age or as soon as possible in your orienteering journey is so important helping to prevent needless errors and disappointment.

We have a small number of coaches currently active in the club and in order to implement an ambitious coaching/ training programme for everyody in EckO to access, we need to train up more coaches, starting at foundation level. This will have many benefits to you and the club - your own understanding of orienteering will dramatically improve, you will have lots of fun and get to meet fellow members and kindred spirits. EckO will increase the coaching pool and have the capacity to develop members of all ages and abilities.

EckO is intending to run a coaching foundation course either starting week beginning 28th June or week beginning 5th July. It will be run on-line apart from week 3 which is a short practical session.

The course will consist of :-

Week 1 - 1.5hr on-line evening session,
Week 2 - 1.5hr on-line evening session,
Week 3 - short home/club practical session,
Week 4 - 1.5hrs on-line evening session.

I have created a google form to fill in if you are interested in the orienteering foundation course. We need at least 4 people to sign up for the course to run. Please consider signing up because we really want to develop our coaching programme but will be unable to do it justice without more support. You will be fully supported and mentored by the current coaches. Please sign up as soon as possible but before Tuesday 22nd June. Thank you all in anticipation:)

Google form