March Fearnoch ROMPThe controls are now out in Fearnoch and maps are ready for downloading.

Family fun

Family fun
Credit: BK

Posted: Thu 4 Mar 2021

Fearnoch was originally mapped for its path and road network and is generally suitable for courses up to technical difficulty 3 (including Long Orange) and bike-O. Club members have since added in some detail to the more open wooded areas. Several areas have been felled in recent years or have suffered from windblow. If you are doing the Green/Blue course (more technically difficult course) you should make your route choices carefully to avoid the dark green and hatched green areas.

Many thanks to Finlo Cottier for planning a long orange (TD2/3) and a green/blue (TD4/5) Romp and also for putting out the controls. Parking is at the forestry car park and both starts are close by at the bridge where the main forestry track crosses the river. The finish is at the forestry road junction close to the car park.

As always it is really useful to have an idea about how many people are participating in the EckO monthly ROMP. In order to help us, please log your ROMP's here when you have completed one.

If you plan to do a ROMP please ensure you follow the current Government Guidelines and do the ROMP either individually, as a family unit, or under 'the meet one other person' category.

Choose a course within your own fitness and orienteering ability. Please remember that these courses are not official orienteering registered events or activities so participants take part at their own risk.

Pdf - Fearnoch Long Orange (TD 2/3)

Pdf - Fearnoch Green/Blue (TD 5)

If you would like some support attempting the Fearnoch long orange you can download EckO's pictorial coaching guide to the short course here.

If you want to know what all the information on an orienteering map means download the following information.

Map/Control descriptions here

More detailed control/map descriptions here