Ecko tent had prime ring side location on Day 4 - The Relays, Ross Lilley

Jan Kellstrom 2015 - South Lakes

Ecko members enjoy some fine orienteering in the South Lakes at this year’s JK.

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SOA Newsletter

The monthly newsletter issued by the SOA. SOA Newsletter


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, Ross' map

2 was the magic number at SOL2

An impressive 1st place and three 2nd places at today Scottish O League event at Bonskied Estate, Pitlochry.

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, Colin Matheson

Your Club Needs You

Your club needs you - at this year’s Scottish Six Days.

A plea from Carol Burnapp

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AGM 2015

This year’s AGM took place on Sunday, 15th March in Atlantis Leisure Centre.

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Mike Hamilton eNews

The latest e-news from Mike Hamilton, Chief Executive, British Orienteering is here.

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